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Elevating HR's Role, Contribution, Effectiveness and Standing

I am proud to have been a Human Resources professional for more than four decades now. The first 20 years being spent as an executive working in well-known, blue chip organisations, the past 25 years as a consultant servicing a diverse client-base across the Asia - Pacific region.

Analytical HR Management has always been my passion, with the primary focus being upon the development and execution of meaningful workforce reporting, forecasting and planning programs  directly impacting upon workforce efficiency, effectiveness, engagement & risk.

More recently however, I have launched a new range of services designed to introduce analytical thinking into HR Departments themselves, thereby providing the conduit that enables progression beyond governance and compliance into a new era where engagement & contribution at every level of the organisation is possible, ultimately leading to a seat at the executive table.    

Stephen Moore

Founder & Director

Our Core Analytical HR Services

Workforce Efficiency Analytics & Reporting


Measuring, reporting and evaluating how well your organisation manages, utilises, synchronises and schedules its people in order to optimise annual labour expenditure and consumer satisfaction at the same time.

Workforce Effectiveness Analytics & Reporting


Measuring, reporting and evaluating how well your organisation trains, develops, progresses and involves its people in order to optimise on-the-job-performance, quality standards and daily operating schedules.

Workforce Engagement Analytics & Reporting


Measuring, reporting and evaluating the working environment your organisation provides to its people in order to optimise satisfaction,  alignment and retention that maximises continuity and minimises service disruption.  

Workforce Risk Mitigation Analytics & Reporting


Measuring, reporting & evaluating critical changes in key areas of future workforce sustainability including governance, configuration, composition, resourcing, diversity, equity and generational mix. 

HR Department Effectiveness Analytics & Reporting


Measuring, reporting and evaluating HR Department strategic capability and progression, skills & competencies, efficiency & effectiveness, workforce and business impact.

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