Optimising YOUR workforce performance & HR Department effectiveness


If you/your HR team are seeking to develop your capability and understanding in any key aspect of HR People Analytics, we provide the following range of services for you to select from: -

  1. If you prefer your professional development in small, bite -sized chunks, we provide an extensive range of online tutorials  for you to choose from, all structured and delivered as stand-alone, two-hour sessions;
  2. If you prefer your professional development delivered as a structured, in-house training and development workshop, we can custom -design and deliver a program suitable to meet your specific needs;
  3. We also offer specially prepared senior executive team education and engagement sessions, as well as custom-designed blended learning program content development;

Our core services explained

E-Learning Tutorials Menu


We offer the following range of online tutorials, all comprising one two-hour session incorporating a twenty minute tea - break: -

An Introduction to People Analytics

Examining our essential pre-requisites for success; 

Measuring & Reporting Workforce Governance & Well-Being 

Optimising your staff working environment & experience;

Measuring & Reporting Workforce Efficiency & Expenditure 

Optimising your staff utilisation, scheduling & wages costs;

Measuring & Reporting Workforce Capability & Development

Optimising your staff accountability, skills, competencies & progression;

Forecasting & Planning Workforce Labour Demand & Supply Optimising your staff configuration, headcount, resourcing & continuity;

Forecasting & Planning Future  Workforce Sustainability & Risk Mitigation

Identify critical workforce risks that left unattended threaten future business disruption or unplanned expenditure;

Measuring & Reporting HR Department Effectiveness 

Objectively measuring & evaluating the role, contribution & standing of the HR Department in your organisation;

People Analytics Advanced Core Competencies

Evaluating & interpreting your HR people analytics reporting in order to identify opportunites for improved workforce performance;

People Analytics Advanced Core Competencies

Developing an effective HR business  case that gains traction & support from key internal stake-holders. Learning how to negotiate mutually acceptable outcomes;

The Perfect Human Resources Storm

Identifying & addressing medium to long term changes in  labour markets and population mix; 

Indicative Fees & Charges

Our fees to design and facilitate any of our E-Learning tutorials as previously outlined start from  AUD$795  (Plus Gst) 

In-House Training Workshops


We can custom-design and facilitate either a two or three day advanced, in - house training workshop based upon any of the content contained within our E-Learning Tutorials that you desire. 

Workshop Content

What youcan expect: -

  • We will initially submit a survey tool seeking background information that assists us in better understanding your organisation/HR Department;
  • We will provide a soft-copy work-book for  distribution to all workshop participants;
  • We will schedule two structured de-briefing sessions (60 minutes duration) approx three months and six months after workshop completion;

Team Activity/Presentation

We can additionally incorporate a structured team project/group presentation;

Team Action Planning Session 

We can additionally incorporate a structured team action planning session;

External Venues/Team - Building

We can assist you in incorporating team-building activities within your workshop should you desire;

Indicative Fees & Charges 

Our fees to design and facilitate a custom designed, two-day in-house training workshop as previously outlined (excluding any travel or accommodation costs) start from AUD$5,995 (+ Gst)

Executive Team Presentations


If you are seeking support in educating and engaging your senior management team in relation to a desired HR People Analytics program or initiative, we offer the following back-up/support service: -

Step One

Initially, we will schedule a thirty minute pre-presentation briefing session in order to better understand your operating environment and desired presentation outcomes;

Step Two

Thereafter we will forward a draft presentation slide-deck (in PDF format) containing our proposed content for your review/sign-off; 

Step Three

Once any amendments have been completed, we will submit our final slide-deck content for distribution to your presentation participants; 

Step Four

Thereafter we will schedule and facilitate a 75 minute online presentation including 15 minutes question-time;

Indicative Fees & Charges 

Our fees to design and present a custom-designed Senior Executive presentation as previosuly outlined start from AUD$795.00 (Plus Gst); 

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