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Applying Analytical HR PrinciplesWithin HR Itself

Developing and executing a comprehensive HR Department measurement, reporting & evaluation program within your organisation

Whilst an increasing number of HR Departments are "opting in" to Analytical HR Management as a means to continuously improve workforce management & performance in their organisations, very few are considering the opportunities and benefits available in applying these same principles within the HR Department itself. 

Our Core HR Department Services

Measuring & Evaluating HR Department Capability & Progression


Understanding the skills, competencies & accountabilities your HR Department must progressively acquire in order to achieve strategic capability & a seat at the executive table 

Measuring & Evaluating HR Department Efficiency & Effectiveness


Determining how well your HR Department effecitively utilises available resources, and to what extent it is valued and regarded within your organisation

Measuring & Evaluating HR Department Contribution & Business Impact


Demonstrating how your HR Department contributes to improved workforce performance that positively impacts upon organisational results

How We Can Help You

Online E-Learning Short Courses

Book a two-hour online training course for yourself/your HR Team in any of the following areas: -

  • Designing and implementing a comprehensive HR Department development road-map; 

  • Developing and implementing integrated HR Department efficiency and effectiveness analytics; 

  • Developing and implementing integrated HR Department workforce performance and business impact analytics; 

  • Building, presenting & negotiating an effective HR business case;  

In-House Training Workshops

Request a custom-designed, two-day, HR Department Analytics Master-Class that  incorporates: -


  • All topic areas as outlined under our E- Learning Classes;
  • A major team activity/presentation;
  • A team action planning session; 

On-Site Strategy Development

Utilise our expertise to assist you in developing a comprehensive HR Department Analytics blue - print from the ground-floor up;


Let us undertake a detailed analysis of any HR Department Analytics programs already in existence;

The Small Print


Fees and Charges

Our E-Learning Short Courses are priced at AU$625.00 (+ Gst), payable in advance of your course commencing;  

Our two-day, in- house master-classes are priced at AU$5,995 (+ Gst), payable 50% at the time of booking and 50% upon workshop completion. (Any out-of-pocket expenses will be added to our final invoice);  

In both cases, you can expect to receive: -

  • A pre-course questionaire that helps us to understand your organisation better;
  • A comprehensive soft-copy work-book for distribution to all course/workshop participants;
  • A 30 or 60 minute de-briefing session, scheduled within 90 days of course or workshop completion;

Our on-site strategy design programs will be separately quoted once we have a clear understanding of your specific needs.   

To seek additional information or to make your booking, please click on the following button.  

Stephen Moore

Founder & Director  

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