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Online Support Services

Providing HR Department Guidance & Advice

Designing, implementing and sustaining a best-of-breed Analytical HR Management program represents a major challenge in any organisation. 

To assist you in being successful, we offer a range of fast, effective and affordable online support services, all designed to enhance your knowledge, capability, confidence and degree of certainty.

Our Core Offering

Resolving Your Problems & Concerns

If you are seeking independent advice in relation to a specific Analytical HR Management   problem or issue, we can  assist you.

Initially, we will provide you with a pre-session questionnaire that will assist us in better understanding your specific area of concern. 

Thereafter we will use your session/our questionnaire  endeavouring to find a practical and effective solution that will satisfy your specific needs.

Auditing & Evaluating Your Current Analytical HR Programs

Where you are seeking to benchmark your existing HR Analytics reporting or approach, we will initially request that you submit to us the current content that you are seeking to have evaluated.

Thereafter, we will forward to you (in PDF format) a soft-copy report of our key findings & recommendations. 

We will then use our briefing session exploring these recommendations together in more detail. 

Educating & Engaging Key Internal Stake-Holders

If you are seeking support in educating and engaging your senior management team in relation to Analytical HR Management & Reporting, we will initially schedule a thirty minute pre-presentation briefing session in order to better understand your operating environment.

Thereafter we will forward to you (in PDF format) a soft - copy of your custom-designed slide-deck prior to facilitating your actual presentation.

The Small Print


Advisory Services Duration

  • Our Problem Solving sessions can be scheduled as either 30 or 60 minute sessions, at your discretion;

  • Our Audit and Evaluation service comes as a structured package which incorporates a 60 minute briefing session;

  • Our Executive Education & Engagement service comes as a structured package which incorporates a 75 minute presentation, including 15 minutes question time;

Fees and Charges

  • Our Problem Solving sessions are charged at the rate of AU$100 (+ Gst) per 30 minute session and AU$200 (+ Gst) per sixty minute session;

  • Our Audit and Evaluation package (including review & analysis of your existing content, preparation of our report, plus a 60 minute briefing session) is priced at AU$750 (+ Gst);

  • Our Executive Education & Engagement package (including a 30 minute briefing session, custom - designed slide-deck plus a 75 minute presentation) is priced at AU$815 (+ Gst);

  • Please note that should you decide to extend the allocated time beyond your reservation, you will be charged and invoiced at the designated hourly rate calculated to the nearest 15 minutes; 

Making Your booking

You can book any of your sessions using the online reservation service as outlined below

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