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advanced core competencies

There is no doubt that the design and implementation of integrated HR People Analytics Reporting & Forecasting represents a major step forward in terms of the overall HR Department offering. 

It will however, most likely enjoy only limited success unless it is backed-up by additional HR services relating to reporting analysis and interpretation, intervention and business case, key stake-holder communication and engagement.

To be truly effective, HR Departments must acquire and utilise new-age skills and competencies.

Our 360° HR Department advanced skills & competencies model


Our Core Services Explained

Part One: HR Strategic Capability & Progression Analytics

Designing  a comprehensive road-map that charts future HR Department progression & development  in order to to deliver strategic progams & services aligned with future business plans & aspirations 

Part Two: Acquiring HR Analytical & Diagnostic Skills

Learning how to evaluate and interpret your HR People Analytics Reporting in order to identify / justify opportunites for improved workforce performance

Part Three: Acquiring HR Business Case & Negotiation Skills

Learning how to develop and present an effective HR Business Case that gains traction & support from key internal stake-holders. Thereafter, learning how to negotiate mutually acceptable outcomes

How It Works


In the first instance we will submit a survey tool for completion and return in relation to your HR Department operations, structure, strategic planning processes and staff development programs;

Once your survey has been completed, we will initiate an online consulation session with you (30 to 60 minutes duration) in order to confirm our understanding of your present/desired  HR Department operating model;

Thereafter we will determine and submit a consolidated HR Department Road-Map that we recommend forms the basis upon which your advanced new skills and capabilities can be developed moving forward;

Once confirmed, we will design and submit three separate slide decks comprising: -

  • The HR Department Strategic Capability Road Map;   
  • Developing HR Department Analytical & Diagnostic Skills;
  • Developing the HR Department Business Case/Negotiating Skills;


Thereafter, in consultation with you, we will schedule and facilitate a series of three consecutive/structured training and development sessions over three days, each session comprising 3.5. hours duration; 


We will subsequently schedule and facilitate two structured briefing sessions (60 minutes duration/at three monthly intervals) in order to discuss any issues or concerns you may have encountered during the content development & implementation process;

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